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Courses & Workshops

David Rann has taught photography at Birmingham Botanical Gardens since Jan. 2007 and has also taught at MAC, and Stratford-upon-Avon College (NCFE Level 2).

Since roughly the same time, he's also been running his own workshop events at the Fotofilia studio as well as other locations.

We now run a much wider range of courses and workshops from our own studio. Here are some forthcoming courses...


"Downton"- Inspired Location Shoot At Historic Building: (11am-2pm) – Thursday 27th March LAST 2 SPACES! SPECIAL CLUB/F2 DISCOUNT

A fantastic opportunity to photograph 2 models in this fabulous historic location which is 10 miles from the city centre and has been reserved solely for our use. The shoot will have a "Downton Abbey" feel, with both models in period costume and we'll have flash equipment on-hand if the natural light fails us (some parts of the house are quite dark anyway). No experience necessary but you'll need a DSLR to connect to the flash (if needed) and a "faster" lens (ie. with a maximum aperture of f1.8-f2.8) will be useful. You're also welcome to bring your own strobes as long as they don't get in the way of other participants.

Price: £60 (£50 CLUB/f2 members)

Studio Evening (7:30-10pm) – Wednesday 9th April NEW FORMAT & REDUCED PRICE

A chance to see what's possible when you have the run of the newly-refurbed studio. Have fun, get great photos - 2 great (and very different) specially-selected models who will be available all evening, mixture of flash and continuous lighting, small groups, supportive, creative atmosphere - and at a lower price. No experience necessary: just a DSLR.

Price: £30 (£25 CLUB/f2 members)

Introduction To Digital Photography: (10:30am-3:30pm) – Saturday 12th April SPECIAL RATE - LAST DATE!

The original soup-to-nuts guide to your digital camera. Oft copied but rarely bettered, this one day intensive course has introduced many hundreds of new photographers to the world of digital photography over the last five years or so. All types of digital camera are catered for in this comprehensive but simply-explained course. You will cover: focus, exposure, composition, ISO, white balance, flash and much more. And in the "portrait" section, you will get to practice your skills with a professional model.

Price: £20

Photoshop One-Dayer: (10:30am-3:30pm) – Sunday 13th April

Always a popular workshop - All you need to know to get you started in the wonderful world of Photoshop in one day. Learn about cropping, re-sizing, contrast, levels, colour, layers, file types, borders, dodging, burning, filters, and all manner of digital tweaking. You will need to bring your own laptop with a version of Photoshop CS or Elements already installed (you can download a month’s free trial version from the Adobe website). You can bring along your own images to work on (although I can supply images if you’d prefer). For absolute beginners. Small group size.

Price: £40 (£35 CLUB/f2 members)

Retro Cafe Location Shoot: (3pm-5:30pm) – Saturday 26th April NEW! SPECIAL CLUB/F2 RATE

Another totally new practical workshop, this time with a bit of retro "Mad Men" influence and based at an excellent cafe within a short walk from our studio. You'll be photographing 2 models, both styled and dressed to fit the theme in this cool location that has (weather permitting) quite a bit of natural light - and use of our lighting equipment if not. No experience necessary as there'll be plenty of guidance on-hand if needed. You will need a DSLR though in case you need to use our lighting. You're also welcome to bring your own strobes as long as they don't get in the way of other participants.

Price: £55 (£45 CLUB/f2 members)

DSLR For Beginners: (7-9pm) – 10 Week EVENING course commencing Wednesday 30th April

Very much along the same lines as the very successful course we’ve been running at Botanical Gardens for over 5 years, but now at Fotofilia’s studio. All you need to know about your DSLR and quite a lot besides including portraits (photographing a model), night photography, and basic photo editing. This is a largely practical course which is suitable for absolute beginners and improvers but you will need a DSLR – not a bridge/hybrid camera. If in doubt, please ask. Half term week: 28th May.

Price: £95 (£90 CLUB/f2 members)

Advanced Photography Course: (7-9pm) – 10 Week course commencing Thursday 1st May

Very much along the same lines as the very successful course we’ve been running at Botanical Gardens for several years, but now at Fotofilia’s studio. The main difference, apart from the location and smaller group size, is that this is no longer exclusively for DSLR’s: you can use film/ lomo, camera-phones - or even just a scanner – or a mixture of all of these. This course is very much about the 12 inches behind the camera. There will be 2 projects which you will need to undertake in your own time but with ongoing guidance. The course also includes two seminars by photographers who have been specially-selected to inspire your projects. Also included Is a studio lighting demo with a model, which you will be able to participate in if you wish. This course is not about going deeper into your camera’s menus or improving your technical skills, although this may happen as a “by-product”. Instead, it is aimed at those who already have some knowledge of their equipment but want to develop their own style, keep motivated, and broaden their understanding of the photographic medium in all its forms. Half term week: 29th May.

Price: £105 (£95 CLUB/f2 members)

Night Photo Safari: (7:30-10pm) - Monday 19th May LAST ONE UNTIL AUTUMN

The original and best Birmingham night-time photo walk. As ever, we'll take along a specially-selected model (we vary these as much as possible, which is why we have some people who have been on quite a few of these events) too so that you can try some low light portraiture as well as getting the opportunity to photograph the Jewellery Quarter by night in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Obviously, with the longer days at this time of year, there'll be less "light trails" but more opportunity to photograph our model. You will need a tripod for this event. We have one that can be borrowed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Price: £25 (£20 CLUB/f2 members)

Studio Lighting Crash Course (10:30am-4pm) – Sunday 15th June

All you need to know to get you started in the studio. So if you don't know your butterfly from your clamshell, or your high key from your house key, or your softbox from your lunchbox, this might be the place to start. Starting with the absolute basics, you'll progress to shooting and directing two live models. Learn to understand and control studio lighting to produce quality results in the newly-refurbished studio.

Price: £70 (£60 CLUB/f2 members)

"Studio In The Street" (7:30-10pm) – Tuesday 17th June NEW

The first of a new series of location shoots. We'll be using our battery-pack-powered Bowens lights to photograph 1-2 models (depending on numbers) in various locations, some indoor, some outdoor. I've been busily scouting new locations and these include public spaces, phone boxes, industrial/factory, and even a cellar! Exactly where we end up will depend upon weather and availability.

Price: £50 (£45 CLUB/f2 members)


Fotofilia also has its own two photographic societies, called, imaginitively, THE CLUB and f2. Both were quickly fully subscribed but places are made available from time to time. Book your place now!

To Book: Phone or email initially to reserve your place and then payment will be required as soon as possible to secure. You can now do this via the "Pay" page.

TERMS: Once reserved, you may still be charged for your course if you cancel within 7 days of the scheduled start of the course.

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